Created in 1984 as a relatively small scale operation focused on discrete volumes to locally based merchants. Derbyshire Aggregates dynamic growth now finds itself as an industry leader, exporting products all over the world and contributing to a vast array of project types such as landscaping, decorative surface dressing for resin bonded applications, pebble dashing and flooring in addition to the staple construction aggregates.

Minerals are now sourced world wide and custom processing at the Arbor Low plant can result in washing, drying, screening, crushing and bagging to a variety of sizes. Technical liaison to deliver your requirements for your speciality when and where you want it and in the quantities to match your demanding schedules are a feature of our Operations and delivery service.

With our main production facilities in Derbyshire and our two regional depots in Wales we have the facilities to produce many types of industrial or decorative materials. We are importing and exporting increasingly more aggregates and rock products to satisfy growing markets at home and abroad. With increased environmental concerns our recycling and reprocessing of materials has developed to help customers minimise waste.

Derbyshire Aggregates must be the first name to contact for any aggregate requirements. We have a vast selection of products in stock for immediate delivery. We also have a large aggregate library to help you find the materials you require and when it comes to delivery with our haulage network we can arrange deliveries when and where you want them 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We are also one of the country's largest suppliers of rock salt so make sure you aren't caught out by ice and snow this winter. Rock salt grit bins and snow shovels are also available. We now have a dedicated rock salt website for all your winter needs.

A large selection of decorative aggregates, gravel, slate, cobbles, pebbles, monoliths, garden & water features from Derbyshire Aggregates are available to consumers at our Decorative Aggregates online store. Quantities from 1 bag upwards are available. The Pick 'n' Mix section allows you to buy smaller quantities of our decorative aggregates, garden gravel, monoliths, cobbles, pebbles, glass aggregates and rockery stone. It offers an inexpensive way of achieving unique decorative feature gardens.


The long list of projects and schemes to which Derbyshire Aggregates have contributed is punctuated by those which will be familiar to every walk of life. We have had the pleasure of contributing to the following sites :-

  • Waterloo International Station
  • Chatsworth House
  • Lords Cricket Ground
  • UK Motorways
  • Heathrow Airport
  • MI6 Building
  • Silverstone
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Manchester Airport
  • Chelsea Flower Show
  • Millenium Dome
  • The Mall
  • Alton Towers
  • Meadowhall
  • Bolton Wanderers F.C.


Our European partnerships network reaches across the continent, delivering our products to complement locally sourced materials in the furtherance of the quality and variety expected by today’s landscaping and construction operations. If such variety were not enough, Derbyshire Aggregates successfully export to Japan some thirty six varieties of stone chipping for the benefit of the cacti growing industry and landscape market.

Dolomite Quarry, Spain
The dolomite quarry in Spain produces many thousands of tonnes of white marble for delivery world wide from fine powders to large sized aggregates.

The best quality white in the quarry is sorted and then processed for the pebble dashing and landscape markets in the UK.

Calcining Plant, Denmark

The calcining plant in Denmark is where the production of calcined flint and rose pink flint takes place.

Rose pink flint is a warm pastel shaded durable aggregate used extensively as a pebble dashing material. It is also used on many landscape projects.

Calcined white flint is also a very popular material used in it's original form, or mixed with other colours to give a clean crisp finish to any project.


Whatever your focus of operations, Derbyshire Aggregates are right at the heart of industry, supplying a wide range of high quality aggregates suitable for every project and available to match your requirements, whatever your needs, however specialised and wherever you need them.

With a total capability for technical support and physical delivery, Derbyshire Aggregates provides a wide range of materials, special mixtures and blends, washing, drying, screening, blending and bagging coupled with just in time delivery where you want it. Full technical back up and active liaison ensures your project delivers quality to today’s exacting standards.

Most customer requirements are fairly standard but there are always jobs that need something different whether it be re-screening, washing, drying, crushing or packing into non-standard bags. As our business is built on a reputation of problem solving, sourcing the unusual or processing difficult materials. Plant operations are versatile enough to combine several different processes to extract high quality custom made products designed to suit unusually demanding applications. By working closely with customers we can help develop new products, solving problems at a design stage. With our expertise in aggregates we can input valuable data on performance and availability of products under review with competitive rates for processing and supply.

We regularly attend trade fairs to give potential customers a chance to view our wide range of products.